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Nicole Blankenship, renowned for her expertise in cosmetic tattooing, has significantly influenced the beauty industry with her exceptional skills and client-centered approach. Originating from a background in luxury makeup brands, she founded The Brow Project, offering top-tier cosmetic tattooing services with a focus on natural results. Nicole not only emphasizes aesthetic precision but also creates a nurturing space where clients feel genuinely valued and heard, reflecting a holistic approach to beauty and well-being.

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May 3, 2023

Featured In CaliPost: A Beautiful Canvas: The Art of Cosmetic Tattooing with Nicole Blankenship

Nicole Blankenship: Mastering Cosmetic Tattooing Artistry

April 29, 2023

Featured In Ridzeal: Raw, Real, and Unapologetically Herself: The Authenticity of a Beauty Maverick

Nicole Blankenship: DFW's Authentic Beauty Icon

Nicole Blankenship, the driving force behind a top beauty brand in DFW, is celebrated for her raw authenticity and unmatched skills. Her approach, rooted in vulnerability and genuine connection, has earned her global recognition. Embodying the true spirit of a beauty maverick, Nicole’s story is about staying true to oneself and celebrating individuality.

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The Brow Project, founded by Nicole Blankenship, has emerged as Dallas’ premier destination for permanent makeup, offering a spectrum of treatments from lip tinting to advanced Procell micro channeling therapy. With a 15-year journey in makeup and a dedication to empowering women, Nicole has established a studio that stands as a beacon of excellence in the beauty industry. Celebrated for its use of organic and vegan pigments and unparalleled client service, The Brow Project redefines beauty standards and offers a pathway to effortless elegance.

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April 28, 2023

Featured In Blog Post Stylebes: “Flawless Beauty with The Brow Project – Dallas’ Premier Permanent Makeup Destination!”

The Brow Project: Dallas' Premier Permanent Makeup

April 3, 2023

Featured In SYP Studios: How to Choose the Best Artist for Your Permanent Makeup Needs

Guide to Choosing Your Ideal Permanent Makeup Artist

Opting for permanent makeup is pivotal and selecting the right artist is paramount. The article underscores the significance of comprehensive research, opting for certified professionals, comprehending the artist’s style, and engaging in a consultation before finalizing your choice. Nicole Blankenship of The Brow Project, Dallas, is spotlighted for her expertise and natural-looking treatments using organic ingredients. Ensuring an artist’s style resonates with your preferences and that they uphold hygiene and professionalism is vital in the selection process.

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