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By Nicole Blankenship

The Brow Project opened in 2016, spear-headed by beauty-obsessed Texas native, Nicole Blankenship.

Nicole worked as a professional makeup artist for over a decade before diving into the world of permanent makeup. After hearing from hundreds of clients about their struggles to regrow their 90's brows, and dealing with her own over-plucked situation, Nicole went on a mission to help restore youthfulness and symmetry to faces without invasive procedures.

To date, The Brow Project has served thousands of clients in the Dallas area. Not your average PMU studio, we infuse international education and cutting-edge techniques into creating the perfect brow, eyeliner or lip for our clients.

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A letter from Nicole

The Brow Project was born because I wanted to pay the feeling forward of how I felt post getting my brows done for the first time in 2015. Brows were always a topic of conversation with every client I ever had in my makeup chair. It was validating because it was also something I struggled with and effected my self esteem quite a bit.

We had very humble beginnings…before I could afford a salon suite, for about 6 weeks I drove all over the metroplex, with my brow kit, and massage tables to be able to save enough to get a salon suite. I even had an advertisement on the back of my car! The hustle was so real.

After 3 years in the salon suite, I opened my first storefront location, and created a space that I can confidently say cannot be duplicated. Decor aside, the vibes, energy, service and artistry is unmatched. It’s much deeper than tattooed makeup, were creating experiences that are unparalleled, relationships that are nourished, and artistry that is unmatched.

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"I’ve been trusting Nicole with my brow journey for the past 12 months and she is truly incredible! I’ve had previous micro blading and shading that wasn’t the best and I came to see Nicole about fixing it. We did a few saline removal sessions to get rid of old pigment and started fresh with a color correction and I could not be happier! My brows are full and gorgeous now, the perfect shape and shade to enhance my features." 

"My first microblading experience was 3 years ago with Nicole. Was absolutely in love with my brows, one of the best things I’d ever done for myself!

Well I just had my first color boost, after 3 years of lasting color! Didn’t think possible, but now I’m even more in love with my brows!!"

"I could not have had a better experience! Nicole is the best at what she does! I am beyond happy with my brows and lips!!!! My brows are beautiful and fluffy and my lips are the perfect color and look so natural. I constantly get compliments on both, and my confidence has gone through the roof." 

"My only regret is not getting my eyebrows done sooner… Nicole’s work is actually flawless - I get compliments on my eyebrows literally like once or twice a week! I could not recommend her enough." 

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